Improve your LMS performance!

Moodalytics gives you key reporting insights into your elearning engagement and performance.
See which courses are most popular. See how effective your marketing campaigns are. Improve your Google rating. Optimize your LMS to fit your user’s resolutions, devices and browsers.
Start gaining insights NOW!

Visual Dashboard

Easy to setup in minutes

Free and Friendly!

Customizable Dashboard

Customizable Dashboard gives you quick easy access to information about your Learning Management System. Deep analytics allow you to drill down and filter for specific insights.

Customizable dashboard

Complex reports

View all needed information as graph, table or tag cloud. Mark positions on graphs and leave comments. Convert table reports to graphs to analyze trends.

Combine reports

Event and Goals Tracking

Log course completion and other important data

Select which events you would like to track. You can create events like “course start”, “course finish” on similar and track when they are triggered. With EVENTS you can track any user interaction you want.
You can set up actions users need to do to accomplish a goal. For example a user needs to register and finish their first course. You can track how often is the goal logged and see if you can make improvements to your Learning Management System so that more users will accomplish the goal you set.

Campaigns, Social Media and SEO

See where your users come from

Find out how others found out about you. Have they found you on Google? What were they searching for when they found you? Have they found you on some of the many social media sites? How are your ad campaigns doing and if they need some tweaking?
Moodalytics automatically recognizes Google ad campaigns and tracks them. You can generate many more useful marketing report and improve rate of converting visitors into users.

Key Features

  • Customizable dashboard
  • More then 70 widgets
  • Goal & Campaign tracking
  • Where are your users coming from?
  • Which courses do they look at?
  • What do they search for?
  • Social media marketing tools
  • And much, much more…

Voices For eLearning Authors

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Create Talking Characters and Games

An easy to use tool for writing Character conversations and scenarios for entertainment, e-learning, emergency response, healthcare diagnoses, sales and customer service, and strategic planning.

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